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On 1st October, a group 5 consisting of Mrs Meera Malhotra, divyansh Gupta, samaya Puri, Gunav Gujral and Arshdeep Singh embarked upon an unforgettable journey to their destination: Richmond, Virginia. They undertook this journey to attend the International Emerging Leaders’ Conference 2016 held at Collegiate High School in Richmond.

The International Emerging Leaders’ Conference is committed to instilling a global perspective in students to help them become thoughtful and engaged world citizens. It focuses on cross-cultural communication, global awareness and leadership development.
The International Emerging Leaders’ Conference is essentially a program to teach students representing different countries, how to collaborate with one another and work with different international viewpoints.

The ten day conference focused on the environment challenges in the home countries of the students. It followed Stanford university’s “think design process” to channelize the potential of every international delegate. The conference was segregated into 5 main processes: thinking, ideation, prototyping, presenting and evolution.
The design pitch, which was the final day of the conference , involved 13 international teams presenting all they learnt, innovated and prototyped, to a group of venture capitalists. We are proud to say that divyansh, samaya and Gunav secured the first, second and third place and received international peoples’ choice award.

However, in our opinion, The IELC is much more than a student exchange trip.


When we arrived, We were asked “do Indians live in huts?”,or “if they eat only by hand?” and our personal favorite “if Indians know what toilet flushes are?”, but during the course of these ten days, we enlightened those who were unaware.
Thus, in a world where boundaries are continuously becoming well defined, such a program is pertinent to break stereotypes and social barriers.

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