The Report for the Trip

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On 1st October, a group 5 consisting of Mrs Meera Malhotra, divyansh Gupta, samaya Puri, Gunav Gujral and Arshdeep Singh embarked upon an unforgettable journey to their destination: Richmond, Virginia. They undertook this journey to attend the International Emerging Leaders’ Conference 2016 held at Collegiate High School in Richmond.

The International Emerging Leaders’ Conference is committed to instilling a global perspective in students to help them become thoughtful and engaged world citizens. It focuses on cross-cultural communication, global awareness and leadership development.
The International Emerging Leaders’ Conference is essentially a program to teach students representing different countries, how to collaborate with one another and work with different international viewpoints.

The ten day conference focused on the environment challenges in the home countries of the students. It followed Stanford university’s “think design process” to channelize the potential of every international delegate. The conference was segregated into 5 main processes: thinking, ideation, prototyping, presenting and evolution.
The design pitch, which was the final day of the conference , involved 13 international teams presenting all they learnt, innovated and prototyped, to a group of venture capitalists. We are proud to say that divyansh, samaya and Gunav secured the first, second and third place and received international peoples’ choice award.

However, in our opinion, The IELC is much more than a student exchange trip.


When we arrived, We were asked “do Indians live in huts?”,or “if they eat only by hand?” and our personal favorite “if Indians know what toilet flushes are?”, but during the course of these ten days, we enlightened those who were unaware.
Thus, in a world where boundaries are continuously becoming well defined, such a program is pertinent to break stereotypes and social barriers.


Endorsements – Friends Club, Delhi

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Endorsements – Rotary Club of Delhi

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Endorsements – Moti Mahal Delux

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Endorsements – Modern School, Delhi

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Endorsements – Municipal Councillor, Delhi

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Eicher School (Speech)

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As the newly appointed zonal interact representative of Rotary International district 3011, I was called to attend the talks held by the Ashoka Foundation at Eicher School, Faridabad.
Attending the talks as the guest of honor, I was eventually asked to make a speech about – empowerment of students and how to make them responsible citizens.

My speech was as follows –
“The question we are facing today is “How do we empower students?” and can such an important feat even be completed? My answer to you is “Yes’’.
For students to be empowered, we need to create and provide the correct platform for them to raise their voice to see the change they want to see in society.

More importantly, we need to ensure that the students work for the right cause and thus, it is our duty to provide them with good role models. The role model should be someone they respect and can look up to, which may be a teacher or even their parents and grandparents.“

However, in my opinion we cannot force and anyone to work; they must have voluntary participation. The students can be motivated to work, if they have access to three things – “information, education and communication (IEC).”

Thus, there we have it, a formula, a rough formula to turn students into effective contributors for the future, coming from a student.”


Eicher School Invitation

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Dear Sir/Ma’am,


Eicher School, in collaboration with Ashoka Youth Ventures (Ashoka Foundation) invites you to participate in the symposium,

‘We the Change: A launch pad to engage students in social transformation’

Theme: Everybody a change maker

The event is an on-invite and a limited capacity symposium for leaders from top schools of Delhi schools and change makers of society and is part of the first cohort of change maker schools in north India.

We will be honoured to have you with us in the round table meeting. The educators’ network will benefit from your ideas and experience.

Date: September 6th, 2016 (Tuesday)
Timings: 8am to 2pm
Venue: Eicher School, Sector 46, Faridabad, Haryana

Who should attend:
Change Makers
Vice – Principal
Senior School Coordinators
Student Representatives: Two students Class (VIII upwards), who in your opinion are prospective change makers

Warm Regards,
Ritu Kohli

Overview of the programme:

The key aim of the programme is to help students, parents, teachers and school administrators see a personal stake and an individual role on shaping the world of tomorrow.

Delegates will reflect on

  • the pace at which the world is changing and envision the world of tomorrow
  • the biggest challenges the world is confronted with today and is likely to face when the new generation grows up into adults
  • what it will take to shape the world of our dreams for our children. More specifically: what capabilities the adults of tomorrow will need to build to tackle the challenges the future will present before humanity
  • the role that the delegates play- as Students, Teachers, Parents and Administrators, in giving the world model citizens

Letter of Appreciation – Municipal Councillor (Delhi)

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